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    Bottle Opener Cap Gun

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    • Need to pop a bottle cap off a beer?
    • Well look no further than the Bottle Opener Cap Gun!
    • Simply pull the little lever back until it clicks!
    • Pop the Bottle Cap off of your beer (it will stay in the opener as it is magnetised)!
    • Aim & pull the trigger!
    • Not only are you able to open your beverage but you're also able to have fun with it as you can shoot the cap over 5 metres!

    ***Sesh Buffet Aus is not responsible for any injuries that take place*** 

    Why Buy This Product? 

    • One of the Cheapest Bottle Opener Cap Guns on the market! (Why pay extra for the same product?)
    • You'll pop the lids off your bottles with style!
    • Great investment as they are sesh-proof!
    • Excellent Quality!
    • Make with Eco-Friendly plastic!

    When Can This Come In Handy?

    • On the Sesh with the boys and/or girls? Add the Cap Gun for some entertainment when opening your beverages!
    • Friends’ birthday? Gift them this, so that their present is organised and they are well entertained for the night!

      **Always Remember, Drink Responsibly 😉**

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