About Us

Aussies love a good drink and getting on The Sesh! So we at Sesh Buffet Aus have made it easy and affordable to spice up the day/night even more! 

Are you like most Aussies? Do you love to get on the Sesh? Well you've come to the right place.

We are an Australian based company that offers 'Sesh'/Party equipment suited for all types of occasions. 

We all know how large the Aussie party culture is. So we thought why not aid Aussies to help them find party type equipment at an affordable cost in order to make it easier to access and affordable.

Our aim is to be able to provide Aussies who love to get on the sesh the chance to purchase the same products they see online at a higher quality and more affordable price! We also do fortnightly competitions on Instagram in which the winner will receive a prize. To find out more or to see out competitions details, follow us on Instagram!

Instagram - @Seshbuffetaus


Wanting to sell products of your own? We are able to supply products in bulk for those in need! 
We are able to source any product that you are looking for! Either DM us on Insta or email us to help you supply products in bulk or source products.

Email: info@seshbuffet.com