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    Can Snorkel - Lime Green

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    • Simply place the straight end of the straw into any can of your choice as one size fits all with our range of Snorkels!
    • Once you are prepared, put the mouthpiece to your mouth and flip the can upside down!
    • You'll finish your beverage within seconds!
    • Try this with your mates and see who is the Snorkel Champion!

    Why Buy This Product? 

    • One of the cheapest Can Snorkels on the market! (Why pay extra for the same product?)
    • You'll be able to delete your beverage within seconds!
    • Always great fun to use!
    • Great investment as these goods are Sesh-Proof!
    • Excellent quality!
    • Made with food grade silicone, which is Eco-Friendly!

    When Can This Come In Handy?

    • Bored in isolation with the family? Whip out one of these bad boys to spice things up!
    • On the Sesh with the boys and/or girls? Add the Snorkel for some fun!
    • Rocking up late to the Sesh? Use the Snorkel to play catch up and get on everyone's level!
    • Wanting to show everyone how much of a weapon you are? Put on an absolute clinic with a Can Snorkel!
    • Friends’ birthday? Gift them this, so that their present is organised and they are well entertained for the night!

      **Always Remember, Drink Responsibly 😉**

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